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Spring/Summer 2017

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Fall/Winter 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

Fall/Winter 2015

Spring/Summer 2015

Anniversary Party Cocktail Specials:

4th Anniversary and Cinnamon Lake Release Party, 2016

3rd Anniversary, 2015

2nd Anniversary, 2014

List of Individual, Previous Cocktails:

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Includes Myer Farm Vodka, Myer Farm Pineapple Vodka, Myer Farm Ginger Vodka, Myer Farm Coffee Vodka, and Myer Farm Blueberry-Orange Vodka (no longer available).

Unaged Whiskey

Includes Myer Farm White Dog Corn Whiskey and Myer Farm White Dog Wheat Spirit.


Includes Myer Farm Gin and Cayuga Gold Barrel-Aged Gin.

Aged Whiskey

Includes John Myer Bourbon Whiskey, John Myer Four Grain Whiskey, John Myer Wheat Whiskey, and John Myer Rye Whiskey.

J. Earl Myer Flavored Whiskey

Includes J. Earl Myer Ginger Lake, J. Earl Myer Cinnamon Lake, and J. Earl Myer Honey Lake.