ADI 2012

April 21, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of attending the American Distilling Institute’s (ADI’s) annual conference. This year it was held in Louisville, KY, with a focus on whiskey and rum. I picked up some techniques, toured a few distilleries, and tasted a lot of whiskey.

The Institute’s 6th Annual Judging of American Artisan Spirits competition yielded 244 whiskey, rum, and brandy submissions. Best of class in Artisan Distilled Whiskey went to Corsair Artisan Distillery for their Grainiac 9 Grain Bourbon. Some other standouts that I had the pleasure of tasting included Limestone Branch Distillery’s T.J. Pottinger Moon*Shine (Gold Medal, best of corn whiskey), Colorado Gold Distillery’s Straight Bourbon (Silver medal in straight bourbon), Corsair’s Citra Whiskey and Elderflower Bohemian Whiskey (Gold and Bronze, respectively, for hopped whiskey), Edgefield Distillery’s Monkey Puzzle (malt whiskey with hops and honey, surprisingly balanced and tasty), and Dancing Pines Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur. After one of the day’s panel sessions we were graciously afforded free tastings of more artisan distilled spirits than could be experienced in one afternoon (four tables full). It’s difficult to find many of these products outside of their home states, so it was a terrific opportunity to see what people are producing--and I must say, there is an incredible range of good product out there.


Four Roses Distillery and a view of their beer well and a few of their twenty-three 16,000 gallon open fermenters.


 An afternoon of sensory analysis.


More Progress

I am happy to report that the stone siding of the stillhouse is finished (less about 6 stones and the final flashing on the tasting wing roof side). Thanks to our crew for all their hard and careful work: (in picture below, left to right: Tom Polce, James Bucien, Bryn O'Brien, and Mark Thomas; also, Osa, Bryn's dog, and Jenna, Mark's dog). I've added a few more stone pictures to the stone gallery. Next up: one stone wall inside the tasting room.

Also, I did the floors last weekend (a 20-hour day for me). We chose an acid stain, finished with sealer and wax. The acid reacts with the composition and polish of the concrete to create a marbled or alabaster appearance. Thanks to Mark Thomas for prepping the floors and doing some trials. Thanks also to Karen Gilman (Dano's Heuriger) for referring me to exactly the product we were looking for.

Finally, our sign is up. Thanks to Q Cassetti for our logo and to Christopher Wolff for creating the sign.



New Picture Gallery

March 10, 2012

I’ve started a picture gallery of the stone siding (see Pictures). The north side is finished and the east side is almost done. I’m looking forward to getting the stone done inside the building. The wall in the tasting room around the viewing window into the stillhouse will all be stone. I'll add more to this gallery as we make progress.

Thanks to Jim Miller (The Finger Lakes Times) and Sheila Livadas (Wine & Vine, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Gannett/The Ithaca Journal) for their articles about our project. Debbie Curtis's piece was published in northern regional papers (e.g., The Ovid Gazette) of The Ithaca Times. Even in an age of new technology and the internet, or especially in such an age, communication depends on writers. A vehicle is meaningless without a driver and a passenger. Imagine what sights we'd never see, if it weren't for some kind of writer.

Imagine, too, a life without spirits. No, I can't imagine that. What I can imagine is a life in which the masses no longer experience spirits as primary colors on a basic color wheel. One in which any person might know spirits of the most breathtaking expression of color. One in which such spirits are readily available for the life-loving to experience, for the passionate to wield as they paint their worlds. Let us lift a glass to adventure, to exploration, to expanding our senses. Lift a glass to discovering just what kind of spirit stirs you.



Here are a few pics of the stone siding on the stillhouse (to date). I'll make a new photo album for it once more of it is complete. Thanks to Tom Polce, James Bucien, and Bryn O'Brien for their hard and careful work.




February 12, 2012

If you're reading this, then welcome to our website and blog! I'm launching the site today as this week Myer Farm Distillers will be featured in an article published by The Ithaca Times and their regional papers. Yesterday, John and I had the great pleasure of meeting Debbie Curtis, who is writing the article.

Until we open (hopefully by this summer), you can check this blog for updates and information about spirits in general, as well as whatever thoughts are on my mind that may be relevant. We've got lots of work to do before we open, so please be patient. Stay warm with whatever spirits you may find. It's blustery out there today. Cheers!

Here's a pic of the distillery from a distance, from after our first snow, so many months ago (it seems)!

You can find more pictures under this site's "Pictures" tab.