The Distillery is Open!

We're pleased to announce that we are now open! This weekend we're open Thursday (October 4th), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (for the long weekend); thereafter we'll be open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with more weekdays likely soon included.


Regular hours will be 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


We require that groups of ten or more people email or call ahead of time to make a reservation. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate parties of sixteen people or more.

For any questions or reservations, please contact us at: or 607-532-4800.








August update

August 25, 2012


Hello All,

Just a quick note for now to let you know that we're still waiting for label approval, so our doors are not open yet. The best we can hope for is a few more weeks. Enjoy the summer while it is still here. I'll soon post another round of pictures and some food (spirits!) for thought.


July Update

July 24, 2012

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for being patient. We're producing final product now and mostly waiting for label approval. I still am not comfortable giving a firm opening date (for a soft opening), but if we're lucky, you may see big "OPEN" flags waving in front of the building in three weeks.


We all are very thankful for the rain yesterday. The corn across the road was spindling more than I had ever before seen it, and on some hilltops locally, the lower leaves on the corn stalks have turned brown. People may not realize how subject to the forces of nature are farmers. On the plus side, it cultivates a union between farmers and nature that makes a farmer (or gardener or plant lover, for that matter) feel at one with all of life. Not that one has to be a farmer to feel that, to understand the unity that we as creatures have with all of life. But for farmers, there is a bind and a wholeness that puts all the daily issues of modern life in perspective. What does a slow internet connection matter when your sisters in the field (or for the less imaginative: your crops) are in drought? What does a driver who cut you off matter in comparison to the magnificence of the sky or the smell of the soil responding to a long sought-after rain? On the down side, it's hard not to take drought or floods personally. Or if not personally, than to experience them deeply. And when the weather is right, when conditions allow, one must work while there is opportunity to work. One must make hay according to nature's schedule, and when it's harvest time, don't expect to see your farmer mate outside the time it takes for a quick night's nap. Anyway, enough about farming, just wanted to express my thanks for the rain.


I've met some great people in the last month who have found us on the new Wine and Cheese map or who have read about us in various papers or who have found us on the web. I sometimes am in the throes of work that I can't leave, but when I can, I'm happy to greet you and give you a tour. Don't be afraid to stop by. If I'm too busy, you'll know it, and I'll give you the time and energy I can and make it up to you later.


Those who know me well know that I tend to keep my cards close, but I do want to give you a taste of sorts and let you know what we'll be opening with: vodka made from soft white winter wheat, a winter wheat white dog (unaged wheat spirit), a strawberry-mint white dog (if all goes smoothly...creativity allows for magic, but a work of art is never a work of art until it is just that...that is to say, one must risk to create, and there are no guarantees until the work is done), blueberry vodka, and, if not on opening day, soon after: gin. And next after that, a wheat whiskey. We certainly look forward to rye whiskey, buckwheat whiskey, bourbon, a mixed grain whiskey, and single malt, but one day at a time is all anybody really has. Enjoy the day as if it were your last day, and every day will be filled with wonder.


Stay in touch. We're almost there. I'll post new pictures soon. Cheers!


June Update

June 17, 2012

Where have the last couple of months gone?! I'm happy to report that we have started production. We had to attend to some steam piping issues and some fine-tuning in other areas of production. It's hard to know exactly what one will need or what piece of equipment will work best for any one particular situation until one actually dives in with what one has and gives it a go. The best way to discover things, I think. That said, even when work is purring, it takes a lot of brewing and distilling to put out a batch of vodka, let alone other products; so, we are working as fast and as well as we can to produce quality spirits in time for you to enjoy them before July has come and gone (as far as opening date...again, stay posted).

I seeded the lawn over the past two weekends, taking advantage of anticipated periodic showers. It takes a while to do when not using the drill (seed planter) and before seeding, the stones and rocks need to be picked. Luckily for me, I love to pick rocks (one farm chore that you either grow to love or hate). I think the chore tends to make one appreciate the variety and beauty of rocks. At the very least, it has turned me into an avid rock collector. I found some beautiful specimens out there. Lots of pink granite, some perfectly glacier-polished stones, and some very large (4 inches square, almost) chunks of aggregated quartz. Gobs of diamonds as far as I'm concerned. Work can be as treasurable as you make it!

We're grateful for the generosity of Steve Wagner, Annette and Randy McGrath, and Susan Pratt (Duhame) for their donation of plants, shrubs, and trees. I also picked up a few special items from various nurseries and have been gouging my own gardens for numerous plants that (this year) have been overcome by weeds, since I have not had time to take care of them. As soon as I have a spare hour I'll be getting some bulk dark shag bark mulch (say that five times fast) from Sensenig's in Varick to bed down the plants (and hide the effective but straggly old mulch hay and straw that is currently tucking them in against the hot sun). Check out the Landscaping album under the Picture tab for some pics.

Soon, I'll have updated tasting room photos. Just need to clean up the sawdust and seal the cabinetry. Mark Thomas has created some gorgeous counters and cupboards from some Myer Farm Cherry tree(s) that John saved as well as Mark's own cherry and oak boards. Attention to detail is not lost! We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather (both sun and showers). I've been enjoying the fireflies who have come rather early this year and light up the meadow at the end of the day.


Short Update

Myer Farm Distillers is now fully licensed! We are still aiming to have the tasting room open to the public by early July. Please stay posted. I will write again soon (the last four weeks have been rather busy...) and post more pictures.