Happy Summer!

Hello all,

Joe here. It's been a long time since I wrote anything! Lindsay MacIntosh has shared news here in the past year. We have had to say goodbye to her as well as to Julien Wilson. We welcome three new staff in the tasting room: Nicole (Nikki) Reese, April Haviland, and Nichole Hoecker. As noted on our front page, we have John Myer Four Grain Whiskey and John Myer Bourbon Whiskey back in stock for as long as it lasts. Supply is fairly limited, so stop in and stock up when you can. We also anticipate releasing an aged gin sometime in the next few weeks. Once I get caught up with making more Four Grain to barrel, barreling more gin, bottling a double batch of gin, and training new staff, I will share some pictures and thoughts as we start on the summer.

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